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There are many compelling reasons to choose tropical açaí, but the most important is our passion and commitment to bring the finest organic acai to consumers around the world. We take great pride in delivering the best organic acai our planet has to offer.

Why Choose us

Our growing region:

Our ORGANIC Acai is produced in the optimal region for growing acai, which is right by the Amazon river because it provides fertile land and rich soil water flow for its organic and natural rainforest growth.  Establish more than 15 years; Tropical acai is now one of the largest plant in this region.  But we still are known for being a dedicated family business.

Our Process:

Our production is fast and carefully controlled, so the fruit doesn’t lose its nutrients and doesn’t oxidize. That’s why our açaí is naturally deep purple, while other companies need to add food coloring or vegetable juice to create the purple color.

Our Taste:

Our acaí tastes better than the competing brands. It’s the taste of the real açaí ! Our açaí is produced from freshly harvested organic açaí berries.

Our Quality

Tropical açaí is USDA organic, Kosher, FSSC 22000 and Non-GMO verified which assures the highest quality product. Since we own the farm where we grow our own açaí, and we process the pulp in our own plant, we have total control of all phases: From harvesting to seed to extraction , pasteurization and packaging. we can garantee tracebility and we can provide you the best quality product .


Organic Authentic Mix Packs Item #Tropical 628

The traditional 100g/3.5oz pack, sweetened with organic sugar blender pack. Only 110 calories per pack.
60/3.5 oz. packs per case.

Organic Açai Pure Packs
Item #Tropical 601

The traditional 3.5oz packed, pure and zero sugar added. Only 80 calories per pack.
60/3.5 oz. packs per case

Red Pitaya Packs
Item #Tropical 605

The traditional 100g/3.5oz pack, pure and zero sugar added.
Tropitaya pack.
 60/3.5 oz. packs per case

Açai Bowl in a Bag - Item #Tropical 6313

Exclusive, easy, and ready to use, organic acai puree in shelf stable bags!This unique premium grade organic product is available exclusively from Tropical Acai, with natural ingredients, and works with many soft serve machines.

You can also blend with frozen fruits for an easy-to-make açai bowl or smoothie. Açai bowl in a bag is perfect for juice bars, frozen yogurt shops and food trucks. 4/2 liter bags each case.

Premium Organic Açai Sorbet - Item #Tropical 6392

Our premium Organic Açaí sorbet is made with only six organic ingredientes and can be scooped and served directly from the pail. It can be scooped and blended with other fruits and served or finally can be thawed and poured into a shake machine or soft serve machine for high demand applications, like theme parks, stadiums, yogurts shops, ice cream shops, hospitality industry etc.
Açaí sorbet weighs 22 lbs compared to many competitors that contain air and weigh only 18lbs.
Call us to wholesale price or buy now with retail price

Red Pitaya Sorbet - Item #Tropical 6330

Buy the world's best premium Pitaya Sorbet for smoothie and yogurt shops, food service, and the food industry.
Pitaya sorbet weighs 22 lbs compared to many competitors that contain air and weigh only 18lbs.

Organic Açai Pure Cubes - Item #Tropical 6368

A solution for the professional blenderista making many acai bowls. Our cubes with sugar or pure, speed up your process significantly while making your prep station a safer place too. No more danger cutting packs with knives or scissors. Also eliminates the possibility of plastic winding up in the Blender!

Organic Açaí Drum for Industrial Applications

Organic açaí gallon drum you get 100% yield – No seeds or sediments. Our unique triple filtration process ensures pure clean pulp which is crucial for the efficiency of your processing equipment. Also, our unique, proprietary pasteurization method and patience for the perfect time to harvest, guarantees a deep rich, natural purple color which is the principal characteristic of a “high in antioxidants” acai puree.

Organic Açai pure retail packaging

Our blender packs have our purest, highest quality organic açaí pure inside. Each bag contains four packs organic açaí puree with 3.5oz and only 70 calories per pack.

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